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welcome to our house

Welcome to the official site for Oxy's only co-ed Greek organization! Our fraternity is a landmark in the Occidental community, providing an open social environment for everyone. Every year our group continues to grow as we expand on our already large variety of social, philanthropic, and educational interests that integrate both Oxy and the Los Angeles area. We invite you to be a part of Zeta and part of a larger circle of experiences you will never forget. Explore the website for more information, or just stop by the house!



Congratulations to our new officers for 2010! Visit the Officers page to see our new leaders!

Congratulations to our new actives! We're excited to have them join our family. Our newest members are: Rebecca Cooper, Brooke Staton, Emma Blickenstaff, Hillary Holmes, Pia Ahmed, Alex Miller, Andrea Magana, Tanya Ryan, and Olivia Reed.